Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO: The Baxter Building Has Fallen!

First, as 1LR reported, Asgard fell in the popular Marvel Super Heroes MMO game as Loki took control of the Cosmic Cube and wrecked havoc, remaking the realm in his image! But Loki wasn't content! He has now taken over Midgard - starting with the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building! Here are the pictures to prove it!
Is this Baxter Plaza or L.A.?

The mysterious frost giant power casket has appeared, sending a beam of light into the sky!

What is that sticking out of the Baxter Building? Some weird space ship?

The bridge and train have been broken!

The river has been drained into the volcanic rift!

Buildings, strees, and generally all infrastructure lies in ruins.

Even the balloons haven't escaped unscathed... wait... the "Mickey" balloon survived... I wonder why?

Don't worry, the wheel still works.

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