Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How You Can Use 1,989 Valiant Comics #17

Continuing our series on how YOU can make use of those worthless Valiant Comics you've got lying around!

#17 - two comics - I'm sure you want to keep your furniture looking nice but you don't want to use those old lady doilies. Here's a solution - use Valiant comics! But learn from my experiences - you can't just lay the comic on the armrest and expect it to stay put. You've actually got to use those "doily screws" that keep a normal doily in place. They also prevent unwary children from accidentally opening the comic out of curiosity as well.
If a crook breaks in and sees this, trust me, they'll leave without taking anything out of sheer pity.
VALIANT COMICS USED TO DATE: 88 of 1989! 1901 left to use!

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