Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comic Books Unbound - Movie Reaction

Comic Books Unbound is a Starz documentary about the influence comic books have over Hollywood in today's market.
I hate it when the binding comes undone on my comics.
While this documentary is dated, I did enjoy watching it. Sure, the title is a little vague (it says nothing of the documentary's hollywood focus). And there is quite a bit of "no-duh" material in this film for anyone who's been paying attention the last ten years (Wait... comic book movies can be a SUCCESS? NO - REALLY???).

The thing I liked about this movie was the overview it gave on the relationship between comic books and the movies. The movie goes all the way back to the first movie serials featuring superheros. You really get a sense of the ebb and flow of the influence of comic books over film.

While this is in no way a "must-see" for comic book fans, it does serve as a good primer to start discussions about the relationship between comic books and movies.

What are my thoughts? Well, allow me to share more tomorrow...

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