Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gaming Notes: Catan Junior #1

Catan Junior
Mayfair has released another new Catan game - Catan Junior. This one is obviously designed for little kids... but will mom and dad like it? 

I got this game for my son who just turned five. The first time I played, however, was just his mother and I. After all, I've got to figure out how to beat him before I play him!

You collect resources and buy things just like in the regular Catan games. One of the things you can buy is a Coco tile (Coco is the parrot who "helps you"). What my wife discovered early on is that Coco Tiles are incredibly powerful. She had three sitting in front of her before I had purchased any! 

In fact, she was one point away from victory before I caught on. I quickly purchased a bunch of Coco Tiles for myself, setting her back a point by tying her and kicking her off the pirate island. 

This is where my brilliance comes into play. I could have purchased a pirate's lair and gotten within one point of victory but INSTEAD I purchased a Coco Tile. This allowed me to place a pirate's lair on the pirate island, earning a victory point AND the Coco Tile allowed me to build my final pirate's lair, winning me the game.

What great fun. I can't wait to play with the kids.

Walk the plank, lady! The sharks be hungry! Arrr!

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