Friday, September 16, 2011

Where's My Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game?

I know what you're thinking: 1LR has just spent the last two or three months telling me all about Marvel Roleplaying games! There have been THREE of them AND countless other board, card, and miniature games!

I hear you. But the world has been without a Marvel roleplaying game in print for far too long. I think it's high time that the Marvel Universe return to the world of roleplaying. Specifically, this post is calling for the continued publication of the Classic D100 system.

Let's look at the facts: The Marvel D100 system is STILL, over twenty years after its publication, wildly popular. Many people still play using this system. Well run dedicated fan sites are a testament to this fact. If the game was cleaned up and returned to print it would sell like gangbusters. And it would be so easy to do! Smooth the integration of all the rules and publish new stat sheets to reflect the characters are they are in today's comics - poof! Instant fortune!

I'm sure the logistics of this venture would require Marvel and Wizards of the Coast to work out some deal. It probably isn't likely. But that's never stopped me from making irrational demands before! A

A revival of the classic Marvel RPG would be good for all parties involved - the companies involved, the roleplaying industry as a whole, and the fans. Let's not over-complicate this thing - let's just make it happen. I want my Classic Marvel Super Hereos Roleplaying Gmae back in print. And I want it now.

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