Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zombie Lane Online Game Review

I'm known to become feverishly addicted to one online game. I'll play it day and night for months, burn out, and move on to another one. In the past it has been Wizard 101, Maple Story, and Elements: The Card Game. Now it is Zombie Lane (Google+ edition).
The initial attraction to Zombie Lane is, of course, killing zombies. But killing zombies is actually a very small portion of what  you do in the game. In fact, you can't die! You are really focused building a world for yourself - a safe haven after the zombie apocalypse. To do this, you clear trash, clear debris, build buildings, mend and build fences, craft weapons out of common household goods like Macgyver, and many other things. 

You're given missions to go on. One major ongoing storyline is the return of your spouse who is out walking the dog. How he or she survives when you've had to kill 1,000 zombies by that point is beyond me!

One frustration with the game is how they determine what you can do. Everything is an "action." But you're only given so many actions in a given period of time - say, 15. Once you've used up those 15 actions, they regenerate at a rate of one per five minutes. That makes progress in the game slow at best sometimes. You can buy items that will restore your energy with real money but that would get expensive very quickly!

The key to the game is playing socially. You won't do very well as a man on your own. You've got to "friend" people on Google+ and then ask them to be your neighbor on Zombie Lane. This way you can visit them and get additional actions at their house each day, hire them to help you at your house, and gift one another. Gift all day long every day! To my knowledge there are no restrictions on gifting so this becomes an important element in the game.

All in all, Zombie Lane is a fun and addicting game.

1LR Review - 15 out of 20 - It's a Hit!

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