Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life-Size Monopoly

I hope this lady moved two more spaces.
You know, no matter how many board games are produced, it's hard to beat Monopoly. There's a reason it has been in production since 1935!

That's why it is cool that Bally's in Atlantic City created a life-sized Monopoly board, complete with dice, hotels, houses, silver player pieces (such as the car) and even stacks for Community Chest and Chance! Why go through all of that expense? Well, of course it is to get customers through the doors of Bally's. They're having a special $500,000 giveaway for club members who collect game pieces.

Now, when are we going to see a life-sized Settlers of Catan?

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  1. Yes to the Settlers of Catan question!!!!