Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comix Connection Variant Cover for Amazing Spider-Man #666

So, I stopped by Comix Connection in the West Manchester Mall the other day and I found a curious item. An item that intrigued me enough that I spontaneously purchased it even though I have given up collecting comics and I wasn't planning on spending any money. That item was Amazing Spider-Man #666. "So what," You may say. But this was no ordinary issue! The cover was customized with a picture of the Mechanicsburg location of Comix Connection! Check it out (the portion on the left is the back cover):

The special Comix Connection variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #666.

I spoke with the clerks at Comix Connection. They said that 140 stores participated in the variant cover opportunity. That means that ASM #666 had over 140 different covers! To me, that sounds like a completionist collector's nightmare. They did say one customer was trying to track down all 140+ different covers. YIKES! Comix Connection ordered 750 copies of this bad boy so swing on over there and get your hands on a copy. 

Check out some of the other variants:

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