Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jedi America

What could make Captain America even cooler? If he was a Jedi! Can you image Captain America with the shield AND a Lightsaber (or two)? Well, in my house this fantasy has become the reality.

My four year old son, pictured below, saved his money for WEEKS to buy the Captain America shield I previously posted about. It's nice to know that somebody reads this blog! He hasn't seen the Captain America movie yet but he has seen some Avengers cartoons including the animated movie, Avengers Next. He idolizes Thor and Captain America. The next item on his list to purchase is the Thor hammer I blogged about. Nice!

This has gotten me thinking... has there ever been a Jedi with a shield? If not, why not? With the wide variety of lightsabers and fighting styles you'd think SOME Jedi in the thousands of years of Jedis would have had a shield! If you're aware of a Jedi with a shield, let me know!

But back to Captain America... I think he's force sensitive. How else can you explain the shield throw that bounces 12 times only to strike his opponent's gun hand? Give that man a lightsaber and watch kick some terrorist tail!

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