Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moto Grand Prix - Gaming Notes #2

Once again, a bunch of guys got together at Kevin's house and we played Moto Grand Prix. Food and good conversation about restaurants, movies, and technology were enjoyed by all. In the racing game Moto Grand Prix, Chris, Sam, Kevin, Stacy, and myself each had two bikes that we raced around the track making a total of ten bikes! We laid out track #6 from the rulebook - Free Speedway. We raced for five laps. It turned out to be a nice track to race on. Just the right level of difficulty.

The game started out with Scott's #1 bike in the pole position. The race started out in a tightly packed field but it soon stretched out as the bikes raced around corners. In turn six of the first lap Scott's #19 bike blew it's engine and he was out of the race! 

Lap 2 passed uneventfully. Both of Kevin's bikes and Scott's one remaining bike were battling for the lead while everyone else fell behind in a pack. Both of Sam's bikes struggled to keep up as he remained in last place.

In Lap 3 Stacy's #62 bike blew its engine trying to pass on the big straightaway. Kevin and Scott remained neck and neck. Sam made up some ground, battling Chris and Stacy to see who would be left in the dust.

Lap 4 saw a clear leader pull ahead. Scott's only bike took a sizable lead on everyone else when Scott rolled a 10 and Kevin was forced to slow down from a 12 to a 7 in a no-drafting situation to avoid his engine blowing up. After that point, all the rest of the racers saw of Scott was his taillight. Chris blew the engine on bike #52 on corner 8.

The final lap, lap 5, saw Scott cruise to victory while the rest of the pack fought over second and third.

The final standings were as follows (with seasonal points earned):

1 - Scott #1      (30 pts)
2 - Chris #39    (27 pts)
3 - Kevin #9     (24 pts)
4 - Sam #8       (21 pts)
5 - Kevin #14   (18 pts)
6 - Stacy #68   (15 pts)
7 - Sam #27     (12 pts)
8 - Chris #52 (burnout, unable to finish - 5 points)
9 - Stacy - #62 (burnout, unable to finish - 5 points)
10 - Scott #19 (burnout, unable to finish - 5 points)

Seasonal standings after the first race were:

1 - Kevin -    42 points
2 - Scott -     35 points
3 - Sam -      33 points
4 - Chris -     32 points
5 - Stacy -    15 points

Everyone had a great time. Even Stacy who lagged behind with his only remaining bike managed to stay with it and beat Sam out to not come in last place in the race. All agreed to meet again sometime in October and race again! Next time we'll have to use a different track...

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