Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Marvel RPG - Cortex System

1LR reported the other day that the new Marvel RPG will use the Cortex System from Margaret Weis Productions. Here's what it says about the Cortex System at

The collaborative efforts of  Cam Banks, Nathan Rockwood, Floyd Wesel, Jennifer Brozek, Digger Hayes, Jamie Chambers and Jim Davenport bring you Cortex. Leap into a game where the characters and the drama are at the heart of the story, where the action is fast-paced and the dice roll freely. The Cortex System Role Playing Game offers you a fun set of rules that are flexible enough for any genre, setting, and storyline you can imagine!
Character creation lets you run with a concept and be ready-to-play in less than half an hour. The rules make it easy for new players to understand, and allow the Game Master freedom to improvise when the action takes an unexpected turn. The Cortex System rules provide a simple, intuitive foundation upon which the rest of the game is built—everything from an honorable duel withswords, the repair of a starship engine, psychic powers, criminal investigation, and anything in-between.
This book takes a toolkit approach, with all the rules needed to play and a host of options and add-ons. We give you some examples, and a whole chapter full of advice—but the rest is up to you! Bring your dice, some friends, and your imagination to play in a game with no limits.

This is the same rules system that is used for Smallville and Supernatural. Those games looked intriguing to me. If nothing else they looked like they were well put together games. MWP has to be doing SOMETHING right to land these high-profile properties!

Should be interesting to check out this gaming system in the near future. I like that character creation takes less than 30 min. and it seems the rules system is designed to be simple and flexible. How they pull this off, I'm not sure... but we'll see.

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