Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crossover: Star Trek Meets Legion of Super-Heroes

Crossovers are always a little bit awkward. But I think this crossover is a bit more awkward than most. I'm a Star Trek fan but I hardly know nothing about Legion of Super-Heroes. Typically, a crossover features two properties that have some commonalities. Spawn and Batman are both heroes of the night. Superman and Spider-Man are both inspirational heroes. But the best I can think of for Star Trek and Legion of Super-Heroes is that they're both set in the future. Star Trek is in the 23rd century, Legionnaires are from the 31st century. But throw that out the window because, according to the solicitation for this comic book miniseries, both groups end up in a 23rd century that neither recognizes! This six issue story is the first crossover between a DC property and a IDW property. Could this possibly be more awkward than the Star Trek / X-Men crossover?

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