Monday, September 19, 2011

Strahan Visits Riverdale

Is this kinda creepy to anyone else?
Archie Comics has tried some sales gimmicks recently that have gotten a lot of attention. Awhile back, they had Archie "decide forever" between Betty and Veronica. That didn't last long! Then, they did a series of stories that showed two alternate futures for Archie - one in which he was married to Veronica, the other in which he was married to Betty. After that, they introduced the first gay character to Riverdale, Kevin Keller. Finally, both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin visited Riverdale. Now, former NFL great Michael Strahan is visiting Riverdale! Look for his appearance in Archie #626. The solicitation says that Moose doubts himself because he's about to break the all-time high school record for most sacks in a single season which was made by his football hero. Does this imply Michael Strahan went to Riverdale High? Perhaps. Read the issue to find out!

What's odd about this is that many of the kids who would read Archie probably have no idea who Michael Strahan is. Now, maybe if they had chosen somebody who is still playing, such as Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson the kids who know who the guest star is... Still, they did a pretty good job on "Arch-ifying" Strahan's likeness.

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