Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ask a Ninja

Which of these is the coolest:
Zombies. Vampires. Pirates. Ninjas.

Of course, the answer is Ninjas. Ninjas have an mysterious, mystically invincible, and omnipotent reputation. Ask a Ninja brilliantly capitalizes on this reputation by having a "Ninja" answer questions sent in from viewers. With nothing more than a backdrop and a Ninja costume, Ask a Ninja brilliantly using hyperbole in explaining the world as a Ninja would see it. Check out the sample below:

Since its inception Ask A Ninja has become a full time job - the Ninja With No Name has since gone professional with corporate sponsorships like Verizon. His earlier videos are the best and he's had some missteps like movie promos for films like "Blades of Glory." You can, of course, find these videos at YouTube or at www.askaninja.com.

1 comment:

  1. Can't blame him for selling out, or going corporate. After all, ninjas always worked for big money contracts.