Thursday, September 15, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars - Book Review - #3 - Fair Extension

The third story in Full Dark, No Stars, Stephen King's latest short story collection, is Fair Extension. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

I've got to admit - when I was thinking of doing these reviews, I couldn't remember a thing about Fair Extension. I clearly remember the other three stories, but not this one. Which is odd because, after I looked over the story again, I realized this was my favorite story in the book.

The story is as old as the hills - a man makes a deal with the devil, literally, to extend his life. This devil just happens to set up a stand alongside the road. To get an extension on his life, he screws over his best friend.
I liked the depiction of the devil in this story. He was... cool, for the lack of a better word. He was depicted as having a, "Seen-it-all, done-it-all," kinda attitude. He knew everything that Streeter, the main character, was going to ask, do, and say before he did it. He knew just how to manipulate Streeter.

I also liked the pop culture and historical references in this story including the falling on the twin towers on 9/11 to Michael Jackson dying. That added a very real layer of believability to this story for me.

In the end, Streeter and his family prosper greatly from the deal with the devil while Streeter's friend goes through one misery after another. I would have liked to see a little more consequence to making a deal with the devil, but I think the point of the story was that even though Streeter had everything he still wanted more. He was never satisfied.

All in all, a very good story and, I believe, the shortest in the book (coincicence?).\

1LR Review - 17 out of 20 - It's a Solid Hit!

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