Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lone Wolf (D20) - Magic of Magnamund

Magic of Magnamund is the third book published by Mongoose for its Lone Wolf D20 RPG.
The main thing that this book adds to the Lone Wolf RPG is more character classes, both good and evil.

The Cener Druid and Shadakine Wytch/Wytch Chylde are both evil character classes to expand what was introduced in The Darklands. Both of these character classes are presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion. They are unique enough to warrant publication and should provide interesting enemies for the PCs.

Herbalish, Kundi Mystic, Sage of Lyris, Shianti Sorcerer, and Vakeros Knight are all good character classes that greatly expand what was presented in the core rulebook. Additionally, some "advanced classes" are also detailed. Each of these character classes is truly unique when compared to the ones previously published in other books. The Vakeros Knight's eagle steed make it a unique character class. Although I wouldn't allow a player to play a Shianti Sorcerer because of their massive power, I think it's a good thing that they are presented so the DM can create NPC Shianti Sorcerers. The Kundi Mystic is perhaps the most unique class presented here, however. Strange that it hasn't been included in LWM to date...

Additionally, some rules for magical items and crafting are presented. These, along with some information regarding the mechanics of magic in Magnamund, help to round out the feel and scope of the world.

While this volume isn't essential, I think it adds variety to the game for the players. All of the classes presented are fully detailed and given extensive write-ups.

1LR Review - 16 out of 20 - It's a Hit!

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