Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Do Your Dice Say About You - Case #1

What do your dice say about you?
Case #1:
All gamers will be kept nameless to protect the innocent. We're examining the dice that gamers bring to the table to see what we can learn about the gamer merely by looking at his or her dice.

Gamer #1 is obviously new to gaming. Look at the cavalier way they treat their dice. Carried in a flimsy sandwich bag (not even a zip-lock sandwich bag!) this gamer obviously doesn't place much value on his dice. You can tell he wouldn't be too upset if he lost one or more of his dice. Gaming is not a priority in this person's life, it's a afterthought. You can also conclude that because all of the dice are of identical color that they were purchased as a set. This person probably has a friend who is more heavily into gaming that influenced them to buy a set of dice. 

Look for this gamer to ask lots of questions such as, "Which die do I roll again?"

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