Friday, December 9, 2011

Star Wars D6 - Gaming Notes (Final)

After selling out the Rebel base, we met back up with Vader. He had a mission for us - to go to a planet that was on the verge of rebelling as a result of the Senate being dissolved. We were to bring the commander in the area, Commander Istol, in for being too lax. The President and Senators of the planet were also to be dealt with for their impudence.

Yes, this is where we officially became an evil party.

We arrived at the planet and Lou the force user used his high imperial rank to relieve Commander Istol of duty and take over two Star Destroyers that were in the system. Acting aggressively, we breached the planet's orbit and starting making demands. When they were less than compliant we decided that perhaps they needed extra motivation. We went to the planet, collected some human assets (Commander Istol's wife and children) and used them to gain favor with the commander - he either guarantees the cooperation of the President or we make bad things happen to his family.
A meeting with the President and Senators was arranged on "neutral" territory (our ship). The President wasn't the best listener so we gassed him and the Senators. While unconscious, Lou implanted the false thought that the President was awarded a post on Coruscant and must sign over his duties to a new President of our choosing.

This signing was video taped and broadcast across the planet, thus legitimizing our new government. Unfortunately, some of the other Senators resisted and had to be eliminated. Other malcontents were forced into slave labor or "relocated."

When we returned to Vader he was pleased with the ease of our victory, giving Lou the official title of Darth Malice.

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