Monday, December 12, 2011

Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia: Gaming Notes

The other day, I picked up Ticket to Ride Asia. I couldn't wait to play it so I rushed home and ripped it open. Since only my wife was around to play with, we decided to play the map we could play - Legendary Asia (the other map requires partners to play).

I loved the game! The two new game mechanics are great. The first requires you to discard train cars (for two points) when you build through certain areas. The other changes how bonus points are awarded at the end of the match. Instead of counting how many trains are lined up in a "Longest Route," you add up the cities that are connected even if your route branches off.

Well, as it turns out, my wife won by this method. We were within four points at the end of the game. We counted up our cities and she had ONE MORE than me! So even though she failed to complete one of her tickets she still won.

Look for a rematch in the near future for sure!

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