Friday, December 9, 2011

What Do Your Dice Say About You - Case #2

What do your dice say about you?
Case #2
All gamers will be kept nameless to protect the innocent. We're examining the dice that gamers bring to the table to see what we can learn about the gamer merely by looking at his or her dice.

Case #2 is obviously an old-school gamer. Notice the light blue twenty sider, orange D4, and yellow D6? They're from the old Dungeons and Dragons boxed set! Look how worn the D20 is - this die is well used and well traveled - it's been rubbing shoulders with those other dice for a long time! I believe I also spy an original Marvel ten sider in there as well. I'd expect this gamer has a few decades of gaming experience in which he has played a plethora of gaming systems. I see a few dice that match each other so I know this guy has bought sets of dice in the past but I also see an assortment of "ugly" dice - perhaps a bulk purchase? This guy may be a cheapskate.

The fact that the dice are kept neatly in a red draw string pouch tells me this guy is pretty protective of his dice. He doesn't want to lose any of them and certainly doesn't want you to touch them (control issues?)! He wants to be prepared for all situations - hence the bag is large enough to hold numerous D10's and D6's that may be needed for various gaming scenarios. The volume of dice indicates that this player may take to playing with them (stacking, spinning, arranging, etc.) if bored at the table.

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