Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lone Wolf (D20) - Free Download - Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising is an adventure for the D20 Lone Wolf RPG. It was originally available as a free download from Mongoose Publishing. For some reason, it appears that they've taken it down off their website but you can still get it here.
This adventure is extremely well writeen. It is very well thought out, covering "minor" details to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for all involved. I liked how it provided specific results for certain skill checks (if you got a 9 or less... if you got 15 to 20....). The flavor texts do a great job at painting a mental picture for the players. I liked how the party isn't "plot hammered" the entire time - they are free to roam around Toran and do as they wish during the "interlude."

Combat doesn't seem forced and players are really eased into the system with some simple encounters early on. One of the things this adventure does particularly well is allow the players to learn about the world and the D20 Lone Wolf system. At times the game master is presented with different "options" on how to run an encounter. Really, these "options" are coaching a gamemaster though how to run the game.

I really liked how items and creatures were presented in the Appendix for easy reference.

The icing on the cake, however, are the pregenerated player handouts. Fantastic!

This is one of the best Lone Wolf adventures written to date.

1LR Review - 19 out of 20 - It's a Solid Hit!

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