Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Do Your Dice Say About You - Case #4

What do your dice say about you?
Case #4

All gamers will be kept nameless to protect the innocent. We're examining the dice that gamers bring to the table to see what we can learn about the gamer merely by looking at his or her dice.

This guy really doesn't want to lose any of his dice. He's not willing to take any chances of a drawstring bag that may come open and spill its contents. The rubber band is a specially designed gamer product meant to keep gaming boxes closed. The clear box, I believe is designed for collectible card games. This tells me that this gamer has a wide variety of gaming experiences - RPGs, CCGs, board games, and table top. I think I see Dungeons and Dragons 4th Ed. condition counters on the top of the pile so this guy is obviously playing current games but I also believe I see old-school D&D dice (the kind that you had to color in with a crayon) with the light blue D12 and the brown D8. This gamer has been gaming for a long time.

The inclusion of some specialty dice (I believe the two white D6 with large numbers are actually "D3's") tell me that this guy isn't afraid to invest in his hobby of gaming. I'd expect him to have a vast collection of games and gaming paraphernalia. This dice collection is probably just a small portion of the dice collection he has at home. It was purchased piecemeal, a handful of dice at a time, over many years.

Bring up a game and you'll probably hear this player say, "Oh yeah, I played that!"

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