Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Do Your Dice Say About You - Case #6

What do your dice say about you?
Case #6

All gamers will be kept nameless to protect the innocent. We're examining the dice that gamers bring to the table to see what we can learn about the gamer merely by looking at his or her dice.

The gamer in Case #6 is new to gaming. All of the bronze colored dice in this collection were sold together and have been kept in the little box they were purchase in. This gamer is reliable and will show up regularly to game but perhaps hasn't fully invested in gaming as a hobby. The bronze color is an interesting choice. To this gamer aesthetics are somewhat important but he didn't choose anything too flashy. I'd imagine this gamer would let others step forward and take the lead. 

The one oddity is the inclusion of the black and red six-sider at the bottom of the box. This isn't the type of six-sider that you would buy on its own. I'm guessing this die was given to this gamer by a more experienced gamer, perhaps a mentor figure. Why have only one extra six sider? I'd imagine for pure functionality. The gamer probably had or has a character that does 2D6 damage on some weapon or something and wants to be as efficient as possible in his rolls. 

At the gaming table, you're likely to hear this gamer say, "I'll go with whatever the group decides."

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