Friday, December 16, 2011

What Do Your Dice Say About You - Case #9

What do your dice say about you?
Case #9
Well, this is an interesting one. Let's tackle that bag first. It's a Crown Royal bag and I'll assume that its owner earned it honestly. That tells me that this player is going to be very social. He's the life of the party - everybody's friend! He knows his dice bag is going to attract comments and he's ready to tell the stories associated with it! This guy is all smiles. I can imagine him reclined in his chair and drinking a brewski as the game progresses. As a DM, I'd throw social roleplaying encounters into games for this guy so he can shine in-game.

Now the dice themselves obviously speak volumes just by the sheet number he has. I see several sets of dice represented along with a variety of oddballs. This gamer wants to be prepared for any situation but I bet that he has his favorite dice that he picks out each time to use over and over again (notice the red and clear dice set to the side). I'd imagine this gamer is loyal to his friends as well - both in and out of the game.

Look for this player to say, "I'm going to get another one... anyone else want one?"

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