Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Metamaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic

If you've never read Maus... stop what you're doing right now (reading this blog) and get a copy. You can get a copy from any library in America. Do it now.

Welcome back to those of  you that just ran out, got a copy of Maus, read it, and returned.

Now, if you loved the only graphic novel to ever win a Pulitzer Prize like you should, you'll want more. Well, you're in luck because MetaMaus was just recently released. This thing is the ultimate behind-the-scenes documentary. This book is packed AND it includes a DVD with an copy of the Complete Maus that is linked to archives of audio interviews with Art Spiegelman's father and much, much, much, much more. This is the ultimate insider guide into Art Spiegleman's creative process and for $35.00 you might actually feel guilty you didn't pay more.

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