Sunday, November 27, 2011

Games From My Youth: Pac-Man Board Game

I fondly remember owning a Pac-Man board game. I wonder what happened to this old gem? My parents probably pitched it with my DnD Player's Handbook!

As you can see from the picture below this game was an almost literal translation of the video game. The pellets were represented by white and yellow marbles. There were several different Pac-Men (red, green, blue, and, of course, yellow) that the players controlled. The game came with two ghosts.

On each player's turn they rolled two dice - one to move a ghost and one to move their Pac-Man. You collected marbles that counted as your points for the game. If a ghost hit you you moved back to start and gave the player who controlled the ghost two of your marbles. Yikes! You could eat a yellow power pellet and then move over a ghost, eating it and sending it to the time-out box.

All in all, a fabulous game that showed some real ingenuity with its game mechanics. It truly had the feel of the video game! This one might just be worth picking up on eBay if I can get a copy for $20.00 or so...

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