Monday, November 28, 2011

Geek Gear: Marvel Squinkies

You know, it never sees to amaze me how the same characters can be redesigned, repackaged, and sold time and time again. I couldn't even begin to guess how many different versions of the same Marvel characters are on sale right now. But the Squinkies caught my eye when I was walking through Target recently. There are a whole bunch of Squinkie lines including Cars, Hot Wheels, and Hello Kitty.

A Squinkie is about an inch tall and has no movable parts. As you can see, they're "cute" versions of the characters. There are currently five lines of Marvel Squinkies - Series 1, Series 2, Super Hero Squad, X-Men, and Good vs Evil. Each line is very limited - about 12 figures in all. You can buy them in small random packs but it is nice that you can buy the entire series for about $10 in a bigger pack as well.

There's some overlap in characters from series to series but they make them slightly different, such as Johnny Storm with flame and without.

I think the cute little guys would be great decorations for around your workspace or on a bookshelf at home. I would be tempted to set them up to recreate classic scenes from the comics.

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