Monday, November 7, 2011

Star Wars D6 - Gaming Notes #2

After getting our bounty on Alderaan, the group took off into space only to have a "small moon" appear suddenly. Tie fighters quickly swarmed our ship. The small moon turned out to be the Death Star which fired a mighty laser directly at Alderaan, destroying it completely! Our ship was, of course, permanently disabled in the resulting blast. The Death Star drew us aboard with a tractor beam.
Once of the ship, we were shown our temporary lodging in City Sprawl N1 until we could find transportation off of this massive battle station. Being a bounty hunter, I quickly turned in Dave's force sensitive/user character for a quick 5,000 credit bounty. Much to Dave's dismay, while he was in jail, Vader noticed his abilities and took a special interest in him, training him in the ways of the dark side. Dave's character is given a high level security pass and, in his wanderings, he sees a Stormtrooper carrying a box. In the box is a brown cloak and a lightsaber, on its way to the trash. Dave's character quickly confiscates the items from the Stormtrooper.
The Death Star jumps to hyperspace (later we found out it was on its way to Yavin). Meanwhile, Bryan's character is pressed back into the service of the Empire as a guard to Grand Moff Tarkin's personal transport. Stored aboard the transport, Bryan discovers, is the rare wine we acquired last mission. We also discovered that the contract for the wine had been sold to Jabba the Hutt.

Once we reach Yavin, the battle commenses. Just before the Deathstar explodes we wisely board Grand Moff Tarkin's vessel and flee, in the process trading shots with the Millenium Falcon. "Our" ship damaged, the rebels escort us to the surface of Yavin...

To Be Continued!

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