Monday, November 14, 2011

Gay Archie Comic Character Kevin Keller To Be Married

I really think Archie Comics has made a bad move. First, they introduced Kevin Keller, the first homosexual character in Riverdale. They got so much press over this event that they've given Kevin his own ongoing series and now he's getting married to "Mr. Right."

Maybe Jughead is "Mr. Right."
The creators at Archie Comics are trying to be inclusive. They view Riverdale as a safe place for everyone. What they fail to understand is that many parents don't want their children reading about homosexual marriage. While homosexuals wish to normalize their behavior and have it integrated into society there is still a large portion of society that views this behavior as unacceptable. So, no, Riverdale isn't a safe place for everyone anymore, especial the kids of parents who don't want to expose thier children to "alternative lifestyles."

Archie, I think this move, while gardering headlines today, will ultimately backfire on you. While you might make headlines today you're certainly alienating fans of what was once viewed as a "safe" comic series. There's a reason why homosexuals aren't regularly seen on Saturday morning cartoons and in kid's movies. A large portion of the population don't want their kids exposed to this.

It's a good thing that back issues of Archie Comics are so cheap.


  1. thank goodness someone agrees with me

  2. =) Sometimes in an effort to include everyone, folks get pushed to aside.