Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lone Wolf (Multiplayer & D20) - Free Downloads - City Write-Ups

There are many different city write-ups for Lone Wolf. These write ups are of use in any version of the game (none of the information presented is tied to game mechanics - it is simply world builing information). They are available as free downloads from Signs and Portents here. See the list below for specific issues.
#71 - Toran
#72 - Anskaven
#73 - Ruanon
#74 - Eshnar
#75 - Tyso
#76 & 77 - Holmgard
#89, 90, & 91 - Lof

These city write-ups are all excellent! I like how they are presented without in-game language so they can be used for both the Multiplayer and D20 versions of the Lone Wolf RPG. They each have tons of information including detailed histories, economics, politics, law, and places of interest. Specific locations are noted on a map and given little write-ups with notable NPC characters described as well.

As a gamemaster, I could see two ways of using these write-ups. The first would be to simply drop my players into a specific location and let them go to town (no pun intended) sandbox-style. The other would be to integrate them into an existing campaign and use them to enhance the flavor and feel of the game. The city articles really do a great job of making the environment a living, breathing part of the game with a unique flavor.

1LR Review - 18 out of 20! It's a Solid Hit!

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