Friday, November 11, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer - Free Download - Terror in the Wildlands Review

Terror in the Wildlands is a free adventure available from Signs and Portents #85 starting on page 30. You can get it here.

This adventure takes place in the land known as The Wildlands - between Sommerlund and Durenor. It makes good use of this setting and the characters travel with a caravan. Really, there's not much more plot with that - travel with the caravan across The Wildlands which leads to a little bit of a "random encounter" feel. Still, it's not an entirely bad thing and I think this adventure works well as a first or second adventure for the players or characters. 

Jawad Naeem, the author, seems to have a good grasp of how the world of Magnamund should operate. I liked the "open" feel this adventure has - the adventurers are given choices that don't have a "right" or a "wrong" option but both paths with move the adventure forward. The Szall encounter is a bit odd... I can't see  many adventuring parties actually helping them. My favorite encounter in this adventure is probably the final one where the player characters are put at odds with another heroic character. It's a hard choice and I like how that will challenge the players.

Like most Lone Wolf Multiplayer adventures, I think this one is too deadly. One encounter calls for three burrowcrawlers for every player character. Another has fourteen Giaks and a Gourgaz! Yikes! There's definite PC death potential here!

All in all, a fairly well written travel-adventure. It would make for a good one-off adventure that can be completed in two or three hours. One oddity - apparently Jawad Naeem used the same template he did for Trouble at the Tourney because Act 1 is labeled "The Tourney" straight from that other adventure! Ha!

1LR Rating - 15 out of 20 - It's a Hit!

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