Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lone Wolf - Corruption of Ikaya (D20)

Corruption of Ikaya is an adventure for the D20 Lone Wolf RPG. It is available for download in Signs and Portents #39 and #40. You can find them here.
Earlier, I reviewed The Corruption of Ikaya, the Lone Wolf Multiplayer adventure. Although that adventure is nearly identical to the CoI D20 adventure, I thought I'd review them separately because the presentation and formatting in the D20 version is so different from the Multiplayer format. I'll refrain from duplicating my remarks on the adventure itself.

This adventure is presented in a much better way in the D20 version. Enemies are fully fleshed out with abilities, skills, and equipment as you would expect in a D20 adventure. This version actually gives you stats for the Nightfire Rod! The rules for ship control and details are a nice touch that was left out of the Multiplayer version. The inclusion of maps (warhouse, ship, and Ikaya itself) are welcome since they were left out of the Multiplayer version. The rules presented for things such as the Avalanche are much more precise than the Multiplayer version.

Still, this adventure has some serious flaws such as relying upon random encounters too much, being too deadly, and a lack of a clear story thread from the player's point of view.

1LR Review - 14 out of 20 - It's a Hit! 

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