Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Month of Superman Movie Reviews

Here at 1LR November will be the Month of Superman, specifically focusing on the Big Blue Cheese's presence on the Silver Screen. Why? First because these movies are so... so... so... hard to accurately describe. And maybe that's why I'm dedicating this month to Superman movies: so I can use this blog as it was intended - as therapy for myself - and work out my feelings about the Superman movie franchise. Normally I'm so decisive and opinionated it's odd for me to not have a firm opinion. So, for the entire month of November 1LR will be giving thanks and picking apart the Superman movies like a Thanksgiving turkey.

1 comment:

  1. Up, up, and a May? (shakes head in shame)

    Anyway, what's hard to discern? Superman 1&2 were classics. 3 was bad, with a few spots here and there. 4 was utter garbage, but not as bad as Supergirl. The Superman Returns film was disappointing. There, settled. And it's only May 2nd.