Saturday, November 12, 2011

King of Tokyo - Gaming Notes #4

We all had so much fun playing King of Tokyo twice at the last Dude Night we decided to play it a third time! I guess Frank, Kevin, and Jarred were eager for a victory!

Once again, we changed up our characters.

Sam played Gigazaur (defending his crown)
Frank played The King
Kevin played Cyber Bunny
Jarred played Meka Dragon
and I played the Alienoid!

The action started out slow with monsters damaging each other, gaining energy and abilities, healing, and getting victory points. After a few rounds, Frank's King went for blood, taking out Sam's Gigazaur. Target the current champ first... I like his style! 

Frank's King continued his rampage, taking down the other champion of the night, the Cyber Bunny, now controlled by Kevin!

This left Jarred's Meka Dragon, Frank's King, and my Alienoid. I took over Tokyo, dealt out a whopping five points of damage in a single round, and had a double kill to win the game (again!)!

All hail your Alienoid master! He is the King of Tokyo and the King of Monsters (until next Dude Night....)

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