Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wings of War: Gaming Notes - 11 Player Grand Battle!

Wings of War is a great game. Not only it is fast paced and intuitive but it's also a very easy game for new players to pick up on. It also scales well to a large number of players. So when Sam and I had a chance to play a game nine guys who aren't "gamers" Sam decided to break out the old WoW, World War I edition.

The eleven (or twelve) people playing were Sam, Spencer, Chris, Matt, Kevin (with sidekick Jarred), Harish, Jeff, Frank, Eamonn, and myself (and I think I'm forgetting one more person). We were playing Axis VS "Allies." The first side to get four kills would win the battle.

The action started out slow and new players had their planes looping around and blocking each other's shots (I think we had one pile up of five planes). Sam, the guy who owned all of the planes and has played the most, was the first kill for the Germans.

The Germans extended their lead with a second unanswered kill when Eamonn went down. But the Allies soon responded by blowing Chris out of the sky. They then swarmed Kevin in a rare display of teamwork until Kevin's ship was blown to bits.

Tied two-two, the Germans were the first ones to three kills as Matt's plane slowly fell to Earth in a cloud of smoke. One kill away from victory, the giddy Germans could taste victory when the Allies pulled even by downing Harish!

The next kill would decide the contest. I blasted Eamonn, catching his ship on fire in the process. The damage was too much and Eamonn lost yet another ship, costing his team the day as the Germans got their fourth kill and the win.

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