Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wookieepedia - A Friend to All Star Wars Fans

I just completed the "Jedi Lies" series of articles. Besides the movies themselves, my best friend in researching was This is the website to go to for all of your Star Wars related questions. This wiki is very well done - obviously, lots of Star Wars fans contribute regularly to this. The content on this wiki encompasses every aspect of Star Wars - canon or not - including movies, tv shows, games, novels, comics, etc. etc. etc. It is quite comprehensive! I also appreciate the fact that, like all good wikis, the community polices itself - freely pointing out content that may or may not be canon and questionable timelines.

Check it out. Guaranteed you'll learn something, even about characters you think you know everything about like Han Solo!



  1. I've used it tons, myself. I probably contributed some edits, in the past, too. Nice recommendation.

  2. Thanks... Wookieepedia is excellent in both width and depth. It covers very minor issues as well as going into great detail on major characters.