Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World's Biggest Pacman Game


World's Biggest Pac-Man is the 8th wonder of the modern world. Imagine, if you would: Classic Pac-Man action with two-dimensional mazes, ghosts, power pellets and, of course, the fruit, fully customizable and laid out in a massive, sprawling, seemingly infinite network of user-created maps. You remember those portals on both sides of the Pac-Man board that you used to be able to travel from one side to the other with? Well now they take you to the next map! Want to go around to the other side of one level? Simply leave and circle around through various maps. Each map stays in exact status the way you left it. So if ghosts were hot on your heels when you left and you reenter through the same portal... it's not good!

One of the best things about this is you can create and post maps in this network! Check out the maps at coordinates #22, 25 and #21, 23 (by the way, you can tell what coordinates you're at by looking at your address bar) to see two maps created for 1LR's parent site, Keystone Gaming Society.

Is this game perfect? No. For one, a pause or "save" button or hotkey would be nice. If one exists, I haven't found it yet. You just play until you die. Secondly, as you may guess, some user generated maps just suck. Large open areas = death to Pac-Man. On some maps it LOOKS like you can fit through but you find out you can't when the ghosts giddily cause you to blink out of existence. Now that's not cool. Some maps have large straightaways with no turnoffs that are akin to a dark alley for Pac-Man -- the ghosts simply box you in and mug you.  What's nice is if you don't like a board most of the time you can simply exit out the other side quite easily.

So check out if you've got the time. LOTS of time. Because I guarantee you you'll be enthralled into a velvet cocoon of 80's sentimentality that will make you wonder why you ever thought Halo was great.

KGS Maps:,23,25

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