Monday, November 21, 2011

Star Wars D6 - Gaming Notes #4

When last we left our intrepid adventurers they were on the last leg of their run to drop off weapons on Coruscant for Jabba the Hutt.

We landed on Coruscant and, after a minor barroom brawl, and small Imperial intanglements on a bus, and some skulking around dark alleys in the Undercity, we finally arranged our drop with our contact, Mickey. Dave's character, Lou's, connection with Darth Vader certainly helped smooth things over a bit.
In the course of flashing his credentials around, Dave attracted the attention of the Emperor himself. Summoned to the Emperor's side, the Emperor convinced Lou to become his own personally apprentice, turning his back on Darth Vader. Lou continued to slip deeper and deeper into the Dark Side, much to Dave's chagrin.
There are some perks to being in the Emperor's good graces, however. Mallawar, my wookie, became an officially licensed Imperial bounty hunter. We were outfitted with a brand spanking new Imperial ship.

When we returned to Jabba's palace we still got treated like punks, however. Jabba gloated over us and irrationally refused to accept payment against the debt we owe him. I'm guessing before it's all said and done Jabba will be dead. At least that'll be the case if Mallawar gets his way...

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