Thursday, November 10, 2011

King of Tokyo: Gaming Notes #2

After we got done with Wings of War, we decided to break out King of Tokyo with a smaller crowd of six players.

Sam played Gigazaur
I (Scott) played Cyber Bunny
Jeff played the Alienoid
Spencer played The Kraken
Chris played The King
and Kevin played Meka Dragon
In this contest, you either win by accumulating points or by killing everyone else. In the end, it was actually a close call which one would decide the victor.

Once again, this was Sam's game so he had to be the one to die. His Gigazaur was knocked down to two health and then I finished him by purchasing a card that dealt to damage to all players.

He wasn't alone for long, however, because Jeff's Alienoid started wracking up the kills. In fact, it looked as if Jeff had the game won. He got the card "It Has A Child" which allows him to basically restart when he dies in addition to another card that allowed him to roll to avoid damage so people pretty much left him alone. He stalked and killed Chris's King and Kevin's Meka Dragon.

Spencer's Kraken managed to take him out, causing him to use his "extra life" card and restart all of his stats and abilities. Jeff's Alienoid then retaliated by taking out Spencer's Kraken, leaving just Jeff's Alienoid and my Cyber Bunny.

I acquired the cards Wings and Regeneration, which combined allowed me to easily avoid or heal almost all damage. I camped out in Tokyo round after round, wailing on Jeff and wracking up the points. Eventually, it was too much for Jeff and I killed his Alienoid the round before I would have won on points. Back to your home planet, alien freak!

Long Live Cyber Bunny! King of Tokyo and King of Monsters! (for now...)

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