Monday, November 14, 2011

Geek Gear: Cobra Snowcap

Apparel for an international terrorist group?
What's wrong with that? 
Is your head cold? Well, it wouldn't be if you worked for Cobra because you'd have one of these cool knit caps:

How cool is it that you could wear this thing and, except for your very cool geek friends, nobody would ever notice anything? One complaint - the "R" and the "A" look a little too similar - like it's saying "Cobaa." What's even cooler is, even though they made an Autobot and Deception knit hat THEY DIDN'T MAKE A GIJOE ONE! HA! Take that, Joe! But just putting this thing on would warm the dark recesses of my heart. It would also make me want to peg old man Brown with a snowball in the morning... COBRA!

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