Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A Eulogy for my PC.

When were first introduced, I knew you were the one. You had everything I was looking for. At first, things moved pretty quickly. You soon moved in with me and we had many good times together, playing games and laughing at funny YouTube videos of cats.

But then things went downhill. You got sick and your age really started to show. You didn't keep up with the times and you became very high maintenance. Pretty soon, it was evident that whatever I did it just wasn't going to be enough for you. I'll admit it - the newer models started looking pretty good to me.

I never expected you to commit suicide, however. I was shocked when I woke up the other morning to find you cold and lifeless. Why?!? I suppose I'll never know for sure. Perhaps it is for the best, considering the memory problems you were having.

Remember, old buddy - we'll always have Elements: The Card Game. We'll always have that.


An Eager Computer Shopper

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