Friday, November 11, 2011

King of Tokyo - Gaming Notes #3

Continuing our gaming adventures at the last Dude Night...

I was feeling pretty good since I won the first two games we played, Wings of War and King of Tokyo. We all had so much fun playing King of Tokyo that we decided to play again! After all, it's a very fast paced game!

This time, we switched players and characters a bit.

Jarred played Meka Dragon
Sam played Gigazaur again (because that worked out so well for him last time)
I (Scott) played the Kraken (I wanted to play the only one of the creatures that was real... see the Kraken story I posted recently)
Frank played The King
and Kevin played by champion Cyber Bunny.
I think Sam may hold a grudge because I barely got to roll the dice before his Gigazaur killed and swallowed whole my Kraken. Now wonder you went extinct, stupid Kraken!

Jarred then got in on the action and had his Meka Dragon take out his own father, Kevin's Cyber Bunny! Sam, perhaps shamed by his previous early defeats, went on to quickly take out both Frank's King and Jarred's Meka Dragon to claim the title of King of Tokyo and King of Monsters! (for now...)

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