Friday, November 25, 2011

Marvel Character Origins for Kids

It's always good to make your core concept easily accessible to fans. Marvel has attempted to do this a number of different ways over the years but the latest seems to be a series of books featuring Spider-man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and the X-Men that retell each of their origin stories.


While that sounds great, I wondered a few things... from the solicitation write-ups it is very unclear whether or not this is a reprint book or represents the origin retold with new art and stories. One clue might be from the X-Men book because it says it features Storm and Wolverine (among other characters) when both Storm and Wolverine didn't come around until much later in X-Men continuity. 

Another point is the price - Sure, books are expensive but Marvel made these hard covers at a $9 price tag. If the idea is to introduce future fans to your characters why not make them soft cover and give them away for next to nothing?

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