Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Wars D6 - Gaming Notes #5

After completing the spice and gun running for Jabba, we got to hang out in his palace for awhile. My Wookie, Mallawar, got to meet Boba Fett. That guy thought he was too good for me! Alright... he is. But this encounter just made Mallawar more determined to become a famous bounty hunter!
After three guys came in and started lipping off to Jabba, he sent us on a short mission to drop three unlabeled crates in the middle of the desert. The crates looked large enough to fit a human body into them... what a strange coincidence. We took his sail barge and threw them overboard, trying not to notice the arm that came out of one of the boxes.

Since Jabba was done with us for now, we decided to head back to Vader. Lou, the force-sensitive plant humanoid, sensed Vader and took us to him. We reported the location of the hidden rebel base on Thiela and Vader ordered Lou to mount an attack. The rest of the party decided to score some quick bucks by picking up the bounty on Han, Luke, Chewie, or Leia so we headed off to the rebel base in advance of the attack.
When we arrived, we warned the rebel leaders of the attack and the evacuation was, once again, underway. Leia wasn't there but Han and Chewie were so we tried to get aboard the Millenium Falcon as it was taking off. Han wasn't having any of it, however, so we turned our attention to Luke. We disabled his X-Wing so he wouldn't be able to take off in hopes that he'd take a last minute transport with us. No such luck... instead, that blasted astromech droid repaired the ship enough so it would fly but not out of the atmosphere.
We signaled the Empire to get a tractor beam on us as we subdued the 32 rebel troops that were on our ship with some knockout gas. We were reunited with Lou but had failed to capture any of the major bounties we were after.

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