Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Video Game Art in Museum

The Art of Video Games
Until the end of September, the Smithsonian American Art5 Museum is showcasing "The Art of Video Games." The exhibit examines the progress of video games as a medium over the last 40 years. Video games are examined as an amalgamation of music, storytelling, and animation.

Are video games art? Of course they are! I wonder what Picasso or Michelangelo would have come up with if they had only be able to work in 8-bit technology? Would it have been any less brilliant? Everyone knows that today's video games can render realistic scenes but I don't think it's the realism that makes them art - it's the creative expression that goes into generating the images on the screen. What's interesting is, unlike most art, video game art must have a utilitarian aspect to it as well - it has to be usable.

Want to learn more? You can check it out here or watch the "trailer" below!

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