Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Arachnid Ambush

1LR continues to bring you all-new cars from the just-released Hero's Destiny expansion set to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG.
Marvel Super Hero Squad
Hero's Destiny
Arachnid Ambush

This card would be great if it was simply a level 5 double-icon attack for three damage. That alone is amazing, considering the "typical" double icon attack for 4 damage is a level 7 card. So right off the bat, Arachnid Ambush is a bargain. But then you add the ability to get a +2 if your opponent didn't attack you the last turn and this card turns into a downright steal. Arachnid Ambush is a Spider-Woman card on the Spider-Man "team" and it has a grey block.

As we mentioned yesterday, this card just has a natural synergy with another new Spider-Woman card, Come And Get Me. They both have the same game mechanic - a ability triggered by your opponent not attacking.

A lot of what I said about Come And Get Me applies to this card as well. It's a natural fit for some of the other Spider-Man team power control cards.

While Come and Get Me just sits there, hanging over your opponent's head, you're able to be a little sneakier with Arachnid Ambush. You can just hold this thing in your hand and wait for your opponent to skip a turn. It's nearly impossible to attack on EVERY turn (and sometimes it's just plain unwise to do so) so you're guaranteed to have an opening to use this card to its fullest potential even if you don't go the power-control route.

I could see this card working beautifully in a mono-green deck. Five damage with the ability to burn a few extra green blocks is hard to ignore.

I wonder how this mechanic would work with cards that allow you to take additional turns such as Deadpool's Strange Teleportation. The card's wording doesn't specifically state your OPPONENT'S last turn, it just says, "...didn't attack you last turn." With cards such as Strange Teleportation, you can take an entire extra turn - draw a card, flip the coin, keepers activate, the whole nine yards. So I would rule, if it was up to me, that Come And Get Me and Arachnid Ambush would both be triggered in this event.

Any way you cut it, Arachnid Ambush deserves serious consideration.

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