Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gaming Notes: LEGO Robo Champ

The other day I had the occasion to play the LEGO Robo Champ game with my son, Georgie (my niece), and Caleb (my nephew).

The game concept is simple: You start with the torso of a robot and yo collect robot parts by rolling a die. The game plays up to three players (Georgie was on my "team.") and you collect, trade, and steal not only your parts but also the parts from the other players.

The game is extremely simple and luck plays a very large factor in determining the winner. Still, the decisions of the players as to what parts to take, trade, or steal do make a huge difference in the outcome.

My strategy was to get as many of my pieces as possible while ignoring the other players. Caleb was trying to block the other players by getting their pieces. I got pretty lucky on the dice rolling and I quickly got most of my pieces. My final roll allowed me to trade one of the other robot pieces to Caleb for my last robot part I needed to win.

Sweet victory for Georgie and I (over an 8 year old and a 5 year old)!

After we got the game assembled it was really quick to play - I'd say 15 minutes total.

While it's not the first game I'd pull of the shelf to play with buddies, for kids it is a fast and fun game with interesting robot parts to assemble. Plus, LEGO provides several alternate rules so the game doesn't become quite so monotonous.

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