Thursday, August 30, 2012

*Groan* Chaos! Returns? Seriously?

Evil Ernie #1
Thanks a lot, Valiant Comics. You've inspired Dynamic Entertainment and Dynamite to bring back Chaos! Comics! Yeah, you remember that company that published such *gag* high-quality works like Evil Ernie and Lady Death? Yeah, that's the one.

I'm sure there are some folks somewhere who applaud this return but I can't imagine who is actually looking forward to it. Haven't these characters been given their 15 minutes of fame? Didn't they fail miserably? Why bring them back (except to make a quick buck)? Does anybody genuinely expect these comics to be GOOD?

To me, companies such as Valiant and Chaos! were responsible for fueling the "Comic Book Bubble" of the 90's. They mass-produced garbage comics that bloated that wore out the fans, cluttered shelves, and ultimately crashed the industry, taking quite a few comic book shops with them.

Do we need to have these failed companies back, especially since so many NEW companies and concepts have come along that are so fantastic?

Obviously, I would resolutely say, "No!" especially since it doesn't seem like Chaos! is going to be operating under any different rules. Evil Ernie ships with four covers! Yay! *gag*

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