Friday, August 17, 2012

Before Watchmen: Comedian #2

Comedian #2
The eighth book in Before Watchmen, The Comedian #2 starts the same way as #1 - with a Kennedy.

Since John F. Kennedy was assassinated at the end of the first story, this time the story starts with Bobby Kennedy and Eddie watching Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston. I've noticed that the Before Watchmen books seem to really go out of their way to include famous people.

I'm not sure what it was, but the dialogue just doesn't flow is some places in this issue. The trick of carrying dialogue over from one page to end in the first panel of the next is overused. Perhaps I'm missed a few cultural references as well because at times I found it hard to tell what the characters were talking about.

The big event of the issue is that the Comedian goes to Vietnam. Now THIS is going to be good. When he first arrives, the war isn't yet a war - it's a conflict. The issue ends with President Johnson's declaration of war. Really, the war itself seems to be the primary character of the story, not the Comedian. We're treated to the inside story of how the Vietnam conflict was funded by drug money. Overall, the issue seemed to lack focus.

Still, we got to see the Comedian's idea of a "joke." Except, I think he was the only one laughing.

I'm REALLY looking forward to the next issue, however. The Comedian, unleashed during the Vietnam War? How glorious is it going to be???!!!???

The Crimson Corsair backup FINALLY sets up the actual plot of the story. The main character must get three items to earn his freedom from the Flying Dutchman. They're nonsensical or mysterious items but if he ever wants his freedom he must attain them. This meandering story, told an ounce at a time, finally has a direction. Hopefully it will seem more focused going forward.

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