Monday, August 27, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Arm Wrestling

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Arm Wrestling

1LR continues to bring you the newest and most innovative cards from Hero's Destiny, the new expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG!

Arm Wrestling is a Red Hulk card that can do up to four damage. It is a level five card with a gray block. Typically, four damage has a power level of two, meaning this card's ability costs three. That fact makes this card INCREDIBLY broken.

To be honest, this was another card that I dismissed at first glance. You pay two cards from your hand to do a maximum of eight damage? That's lousy! A power level five card is capable of doing seven damage on its own!

But then I realized that it's the discarded card's EFFECT that you'd really be playing for.

Here's the scenario: You play Arm Wrestling, do at least two damage, and discard, say, Asgard's Thunder. Asgard's Thunder hits for at least two and suddenly you've got a LEVEL 13 KEEPER THAT DOES UP TO SIX DAMAGE EVERY ROUND! And the power level is only five at this point in the game!

You can combine this with any card with an incredibly powerful ability - Arm Wrestling effectively allows you to backdoor them and play them at power level 5! The possibilities are endless - Infinity Blaster, The Critical Phase, Sweet Dreams, Eternal Rage, Slice in Half, Erase Your Destiny, Beyond Defeat... you can play them all and trigger their effects at power level five thanks to Arm Wrestling!

Now, some of them will do less damage than they normally would but you'd be really going for the massive effects.

Combo this with other cards that allow you to play cards from your discard pile, deck, or hand and you've got a dream for someone who plays combo decks.

Yet another completely off the charts card brought to you by Hero's Destiny!

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